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Official Partner of Elevate Greece

Become an Official Partner of Elevate Greece and join a diverse and influential network that supports the growth and expansion of the Greek Innovation Ecosystem.Our Partners’ contributions – in the form of the National Startup Awards – play a decisive role in re-boosting the Greek Economy!

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National Startup Awards

The National Startup Awards seek to reward outstanding startups developing innovative products or solutions and scalable enterprises and creating prospects for entering international markets!

Award Categories

Awards by Sector

You can select a specific sector that matches your company’s interests and provide support or awards to outstanding startups involved in it.

For instance, you may confer an award on the best Green Tech Startup.

The best Startup is selected after monitoring reliable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the overall business evolution.

Create Your Award

You can always create your own customized type of award based on the criteria of your choice!

It’s as simple as that! Create your own call and invite startups to compete for your award!

Elevate Greece

Why become an Official Partner?

By partnering with Elevate Greece, you are given the opportunity to engage with a highly creative and promising ecosystem capable of revitalizing/re-booting/boosting the Greek Economy!At Elevate Greece, we work closely with our Partners to create the best conducive conditions for a startup ecosystem!

What are the Benefits for an Official Partner?

By working, supporting and offering awards to high prospect startups, an Official Partner: